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Daniel "Bo" Norris grew up in Saluda County, SC, in a rural area near the community of Ward. He became interested in fiddling at an early age, and got a fiddle from Sears-Roebuck. The first time he picked it up, he was able to play the old hymn Sweet By and By. He began learning old fiddle tunes in the early 1920s from older fiddlers in his community, including "Old Man Jim Edwards" and "old Jim Gregory". Bo became known as one of the finest fiddlers in the area, and was often called on to play for dances, at schools, and at Buzzard's Roost near Chappells. He was later accompanied by his nephew Mutt Powell on guitar. After Mutt's death, Bo was accompanied by his niece, Mutt's sister Thelma Rodgers, on guitar. Thelma accompanied Bo until arthritis began to hinder his playing when he was in his early 70s.

I met Bo around 1981 and learned my first old fiddle tunes from him. Among these tunes were Cindy, Hot Time in Old Town, Arkansas Traveler, Soldier's Joy, The Old Virginia Reel, Alabama Gals, and Skid Row. There were a few old tunes such as Skid Row and Down in Georgia on a Hog where Bo was the only person I ever heard play the tunes. These were tunes that I believe he learned from the older local fiddlers.

Mr. Bo passed away in 1987.

- Ashley Carder


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